2018 Ram Power Wagon Changes, Hellcat, Price, Diesel, Release Date

2018 Ram Power Wagon diesel

The pickup trucks are in great demand at present. They are coming up with the tough build quality and high performance as well. The new 2018 Ram Power Wagon is one of the upcoming pickups that are going to be released very soon.

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Presently, it is resting in its workshop where detailed facelift is being performed. These will include a facelift of the exterior as well as the interior. In today’s world, two things should be present in every car beside performance; one of them is appearance, and other is latest tech consoles.

The 2018 Ram Power Wagon is pickup with style

Previously, only luxury sedans or small hatchbacks had such features. Now the truck is being taken to provide equal features in small trucks. These trucks are being released with a very attractive appearance that often resembles SUVs from the front view. The 2018 Ram Power Wagon will have boosted performance and appearance are being modified in such a way as to attract customers. If you can attract a customer in a first glance by just the appearance of your car, you should know that fifty percent convincement has been done already.

2018 Ram Power Wagon changes

Unique selling points

What is or are the unique selling points of Ram Power Wagon? Firstly, this is presently the one and only off-road small truck that can climb rocky areas and pass through uneven forest environment very swiftly. This car is also famous for traveling through about six inches of water dipped carrying the load of about 1500 lbs. The main competitor of Ram Power Wagon is Ford F-150 Raptor. This car has got similar specifications as Wagon. The performance of Wagon can be compared to that of Jeep Wrangler. Many customers say that this car possesses the strength of heavy duty truck. There is adjustable wheel axle on this car which helps in keeping the tires running even in heavy rough road condition.

2018 Ram Power Wagon Design

Appearance wise 2018 Ram Power Wagon has got LED headlights that require the least maintenance. It is available in few trims with selected vibrant body colors. Grille has been modified and given a new style. Ground clearance has been kept high to avoid any sort of encounter with the ground while traveling through rough road condition. In this Wagon, 19-inch alloy wheel fixed, that is very impressive.


This Dodge pickup is not lagging behind in terms of technology since it has got an 8.4-inch touch screen along with rear view camera. Other features such as Bluetooth, audio system, climate control, navigation, etc. are also present.

2018 Ram Power Wagon Engine

When comes to the engine, 2018 Ram Power Wagon has got a 6.4-liter engine V8 of HEMI technology. This engine has been manufactured by Chrysler. The engine can produce a power of about 410 HP with a torque of 429 lb-ft. the engine is powered by 6-speed transmission of automatic control. It has got a wonderful technology that automatically deactivates cylinder when not required which helps in saving fuel.

The 2018 RAM Power Wagon diesel version is a just internet rumor. Dodge has no intention to make this pickup with diesel engines.

2018 Ram Power Wagon diesel

2018 Ram Power Wagon Price

 The release date of 2018 Ram Power Wagon has not yet been finalized. The price of the base version of Ram Power Wagon has been fixed at around $46,400 and will go up for higher versions.

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