Ford F-250 Super Chief Truck Review

2018 Ford F-250 Super Chief front

The Ford F-250 Super Chief is a long-awaited medium-duty truck. For the first time, this concept appeared in 2006. Ever since fans are waiting for news about the production model. Now, it is a time for Super Chief to become a part of the F-250 lineup. So, why is this Ford truck so special? Well, almost everything. Where to start? Is that because of the unique, muscular design? None of the trucks from Ford has a similar appearance. Will that be an unbelievable drivetrain system, with three fuel types? So, euphoria is not there by accident, and Ford Super Chief is coming to fulfill all expectations.

2018 Ford F-250 Super Chief front

Ford F-250 Super Chief Powertrain

Under the hood of the Ford F-250 Super Chief truck lays strange creature. The engine that produces power, uses petrol, ethanol, and hydrogen as its fuel to convert it into energy. Well, it would be impossible to mix all of these at once. The driver can use only one selected fuel.


The engine is going to be good to produce 300 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. This truck will be also greener. Emissions of the CO2 are cut by 90 percent for petrol burning. For hydrogen, this number is at 10 percent less than its competitors can do. Furthermore, engineers are sure that 2018 Super Chief will be able to go 500 miles without refueling hydrogen. This will be achieved even with a turbocharger switched on.

2018 Ford F-250 Super Chief concept

Ford Super Chief Design

The styling of the Ford F-250 Super Chief pickup is impressing. Bold front fascia will make pickup truck pretty aggressive. It looks more like a luxurious truck than a working mule. The bed has a cover and liner as standard features. On the other side, rear we have suicide doors. Everything mentioned make the 2018 Super Chief unique and never-seen from Ford.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Release Date and Price

Pricing of the Ford Super Chief is unknown. Well, we can compare it to standard offer. The base model of F-250 super-duty truck costs from $33,000. But, with such styling and drivetrain, we believe Super Chief is going to cost closer to King Ranch or even Lariat versions. Nevertheless, we should see it probably in second half of 2019.

For more about Ford F-250 Super Chief read the full review at 2019 Trucks.

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